Drink beer on camera? PunditFact checks an ad

St. Petersburg, Florida - Typically beer commercials tend to be funny and entertaining - and usually have people, well, drinking beer.

But in fact, they're not drinking beer at all - and that's the rule. Or is it?

10 News anchor Allison Kropff teams up with PunditFact to check the rules behind Heineken's new commercial.

You've seen plenty of beer commercials, but have you noticed whether people actually drink beer on camera? That question is the focus of a new Heineken commercial featuring Neil Patrick Harris.

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PunditFact wondered about the director's claim about a "regulatory thing" stopping people from drinking beer in commercials.

What fact-checkers found is you think you're seeing more than is actually on screen.

It's not the government stopping people.

"We found that the FCC doesn't really regulate this, it's not a federal regulation. However it's something that the TV networks actually frown upon so advertisers don't try to test them," says Katie Sanders with PunditFact.

The National Association of Broadcasters has no policy itself, but a spokesman sent fact-checkers articles describing how networks are free to set their own standards.

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A spokesman for The Beer Institute says brewers aren't willing to stir things up and ask for the rules to be changed.

Because it's not a federal regulation, but rather from the networks, PunditFact rates this claim, MOSTLY TRUE.

To see the entire commercial and the details of this fact-check, click here.

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