Campaign clock countdown: Undecided voters rule

With the first presidential debate approaching, Bay area voters are slowly making up their minds.

TAMPA — The campaign countdown clock is on to make your choice in 2016.

We're 5 days from the first presidential debate, only 12 days from you starting to get those mail-in ballots.

10News WTSP political reporter Mark Rivera shows you the strange places candidates are finding the support they need.

“What goes through your head when you look at this picture?” asked 10News showing a side-by-side of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

“I think a uh ... power hungry male and a psychotic female,” said undecided voter Hayden Kaminski. “That's about it.”

Kaminski says he and his dog Cabella are firmly undecided. In fact they, “try to stay away from it as much as possible because of all the uncertainty out there. It's just ... I don't know,” Kaminski said.

And it's people just like him who political experts say will make the difference in this election.

“I definitely don't like Trump, um, and Hillary, I'm kind of questionable about her,” said undecided voter Jasmine Saldana.

“Whoever runs it's always the same thing. No one does anything really,” agreed undecided voter Robert Candelario.

“People hold their nose for Trump or for Hillary if you don't like her,” said political strategist Barry Edward. “But you're going to vote for the Democrat or the Republican. You're going to vote for someone who shares your values despite their flaws.”

Edwards said it comes down to 5 or so percent of independents who don't lean conservative or liberal. That means the election could come down to a million people or less in Florida.

And when you press, a lot of the support candidates have is because voters want Clinton or Trump to lose.
“I'll probably vote for Hillary,” Candelario said. “Would that be a vote for Hillary or against Trump?” asked 10News. “Against Trump,” he responded.

I'm not too thrilled about Hillary, but I can't stand Trump, so I'm stuck,” Saldana said.

Experts say if you stay away from politics -- you're the voter campaigns want to sway most.


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