Gas pump assistance bill moving through the FL House

Tampa, Florida -- In Hillsborough and some surrounding counties, people with disabilities can get assistance at a gas station if need be. A local legislator hopes to bring that to all of Florida.

The new bill would require the state to inspect gas stations to make sure they have decals placed on each pump for self-service gas stations. It would allow people with disabilities to call for assistance.

The bill stems from a Hillsborough County ordinance, which became law in 2012. The sponsor of the bill in the House, Representative Mark Danish, D-Tampa, says he wants the whole state to benefit.

"Well, in Hillsborough County it works great, but in other places, it's not a way to do it because you have to go in there and just hope that someone's gonna come out and help you by honking the horn," Danish said.

The bill requires that decals must be blue, have the words "call for assistance" on them and a phone number for the station.


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