Holder to watch for limits on Florida voters

St. Petersburg, Florida — U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has put Gov. Rick Scott on notice, saying he's keeping an eye on Florida's election process to make sure it's fair.

In last week's letter, Holder calls the governor out, saying during Scott's tenure his administration has made it harder for people throughout the state to vote. Scott says the letter is pure politics.

"I am deeply disturbed that during your tenure your state has repeatedly added barriers to voting and restricted access to the polls," Holder writes.

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It's just one of Holder's remarks to Scott in a letter sent last week promising to monitor elections in Florida.

"I mean this is pure politics," Scott said.

He even implied President Barack Obama may have been involved.

"Charlie Crist is real close to President Obama, so you should probably ask Charlie," Scott said.

In the letter, Holder brings up examples since 2011 where early voting days were cut, voters were incorrectly purged from the rolls, and many absentee ballot locations were asked to be eliminated stating "... they represent a troubling series of efforts to limit citizens' ability to exercise the franchise."

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But Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections Deborah Clark says she is looking out for the rights of voters no matter how this turns out.

"A lot of the issues that were cited in the letter from the attorney general have already been resolved by our state Legislature," she said. "When anything like that comes up like it has in the past, you will see a very strong effort a unified effort on the part of supervisors of elections to do all we can to rescind those laws, to repeal those laws, to revise those laws so that they are more voter friendly."

Clark says it's her job to protect your voting rights, which is why she disregarded a directive from the Florida secretary of state to eliminate absentee ballot dropoff locations.

Scott says when voting laws were changed in 2011, they were pre-approved by the federal Justice Department.


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