Most Floridians gained in state tax cuts

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Gov. Rick Scott is not shy talking about his plan to cut $500 million in taxes and fees that passed the legislature this spring.

The plan lowered vehicle registration costs and provided a tax holiday for hurricane supplies, energy efficient appliances and back to school supplies, which just passed.

"If you go shopping on that weekend it's enormously crowded," said Samantha Padgett, general counsel for the Florida Retail Federation.

The $500 million in cuts sounds like a lot, but how does it affect the individual 19.5 million Floridians?

Padgett says the savings differ per person, but any amount of relief helps.

"It really is on how different families and different consumers take advantage of them."

For the average Floridian here's the break down:

- Car owners can save from $17 and $25 a year on registration.

- Consumers saved big money on the two sales tax holidays that already happened this year.

- The energy efficient supplies holiday is later this month (Sept. 19 - 21) and residents can save 7% sales tax on the first $1,500. That comes up to a potential $105.

Business owners and veterans have more saving options.

"There are specific tax cuts that not only benefit veterans who have served our country, but benefit the spouses and the families of active military personnel," said Robert Weissert with Florida TaxWatch.

Weissert believes the tax cuts help, but lawmakers could have given even more.

"Florida has the second highest communication services tax, which is a tax on cable and telephone and cell phone. That would be a really great opportunity for the legislature going forward to reduce that tax," he said.

This link from Florida Taxwatch shows all of the tax and fees reduced by the new cuts.


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