Pinellas campaign signs vandalized

Pinellas County -- Just when you thought politics couldn't get any dirtier, some in a local commissioner's race say it has.

Multiple candidates in Pinellas County Commission District 4 race are claiming that their signs have gone missing or have fallen victim to vandalism.

Scott Gotscho's food truck is located on the corner of Florida Avenue and Nebraska Avenue in Palm Harbor, which happens to be the same spot you can find a bunch of the vandalized signs.

And it's not reserved to that one location, somebody's been vandalizing campaign signs up and down northern Pinellas County. Nearly every Republican candidate in the District 4 race says their signs have fallen victim.

"They are everywhere," says Gotscho.

And while that may be the case, he says it doesn't give someone the right to do this.

"It's not their property. I'm not sure why someone would do that," he says.

"Each sign probably costs $3 to a campaign," says Dave Eggers, a District 4 candidate. "People need to be aware that they are private property and people need to be respectful of it."

Eggers says he doesn't believe another candidate is behind the vandalism.

We reached out to Johnny Johnson's campaign about the vandalized signs, but they denied to comment.

"It's dirty politics," says Gotscho.

But the vandalism is something that's against the law. While many people may be tired of seeing these signs, although the primary is less than a week away, don't think they are going anywhere anytime soon since there is another election come November.

Police say if you are caught stealing or vandalizing a sign, you will be arrested and face misdemeanor charges.

There are seven candidates vying for one Republican spot in the Aug. 26 primary election. For more information on the candidates, click here.

VIEW:Sample ballot for Pinellas County Primary Election on Aug. 26


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