PunditFact checks claim Dems are 'in the pocket' of NRA

St. Petersburg, Florida -- Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently unveiled a $50 million fund to advance the cause of gun control.

That caused pundits to speculate on how that amount would have an impact.10 News anchor Allison Kropff teamed up with PunditFact to put one claim to the truth-o-meter.

One of those pundits is Washington Post reporter Nia-Malika Henderson. She says if Bloomberg spent strategically in certain states and areas, it might have an impact. But doesn't think change at a federal level is going to happen anytime soon.

Here's what she said:

"I think the NRA is a formidable force. It's a formidable force because Democrats very much are in the pocket of the NRA and they didn't want to vote against the NRA."

PunditFact decided to look into what it means to "be in the pocket of the NRA."

"We couldn't really find much evidence of that, most people would say it means campaign donations or campaign finance when in reality, the NRA makes 90% of its donations to Republicans, not Democrats," says Aaron Sharockman, editor of PunditFact.

Fact-checkers took this information to social scientists and elections experts who said Democrats are not "in the pocket" and most party leaders do not support the goals of the NRA. They say if some Democrats are "afraid" of the NRA it's because of NRA money being used to defeat them.

"The NRA does spend a lot of money on elections, they do finance Republican candidates, so Democrats are maybe unwilling to take on gun issues because they're afraid of what they NRA might do to it," says Sharockman.

So PunditFact rates Henderson's claim: MOSTLY FALSE.

PunditFact emailed and tweeted Henderson to learn what information led her to her statement, but did not hear back.

You can read about this fact-check here.


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