PunditFact checks Clinton's net worth in office

St. Petersburg, Florida - Recently, Hillary Clinton made comments about being "dead broke" and "in debt" when she and her husband, Bill Clinton, left the White House. Well, President Clinton defended those comments during an interview on NBC's Meet the Press.

Here's what he said: "I think I had the lowest net worth of any American president in the 20th century when I took office."

PunditFact decided to see if that's true.

Nowadays, a report shows the Clinton's earned more than $100 million for speeches between the time he left office in January 2001 and January 2013, when Hillary left her role as Secretary of State.

Hillary reportedly draws $200,000 for each public appearance. But when Bill Clinton was governor, he was making $35,000 a year. Hillary was a partner at an Arkansas law firm, and when they went into office in 1991, their net worth is estimated at $700,000.

Fact-checkers say the hard part here is trying to figure out the net worth of the other presidents.

"We had a hard time finding net worth for the previous presidents, because they didn't have uniform disclosure requirements like they do now," says Katie Sanders with PunditFact.

While Clinton does make a valid point that he didn't come into office like other modern presidents, it's still hard to know for sure, so PunditFact rates his claim, HALF TRUE.


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