PunditFact checks Facebook meme

St. Petersburg, Fl. - Be careful what you share on social media - we've heard that before, but a new Facebook meme is getting a lot of the wrong attention. 10 news anchor Allison Kropff teams up with PunditFact to check the facts on a post that's gone viral.

A Facebook reader brought this Michele Bachmann meme to PunditFact's attention. It's been shared more than 1,200 times on Facebook and has a lot of posters fired up.

It's a picture of Michele Bachmann, seeming to appear on Fox News saying "I'm not saying Obama is responsible for the Fort Wood shooting, I'm just saying that we have zero proof that he isn't."

The first clue is "Fort Wood" not "Fort hood." Then fact-checkers looked at the picture.

"The picture that the image has of Michele Bachmann is taken of her in 2013. She wasn't on Sean Hannity the night in question here talking about the Ft. Hood shootings, she didn't say anything like this, we checked all the transcripts she wasn't on FOX at all that day talking about the shootings," says Aaron Sharockman, editor of PunditFact.

PunditFact found it's from a group called "Christians for Michele Bachmann" which is actually a satire group.

While Michele Bachmann is not a Barack Obama fan she never blamed, or even suggested, blaming the president.

So PunditFact rates this meme: PANTS ON FIRE.

PunditFact checked in with Bachmann's spokesperson who also said it's a hoax. The satirical group generally makes fun of her and tries to put words in her mouth.

You can read the details of this fact-check, here.


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