PunditFact checks Gingrich on 'Hillary-Care'

Republicans have been getting a lot of mileage from the recent Supreme Court decision dealing a blow to the Affordable Care Act.

In Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby, the court cited a law enacted by President Bill Clinton in 1993, allowing some corporations to opt out of providing certain contraceptives for their employees based on their owners' deeply held religious beliefs.

But on ABC's "This Week," former House Speaker Newt Gingrich went even further. He said Bill and Hillary Clinton's health care reform plan, which he called "Hillary-Care," would have not only supported the court decision, but would have made it even broader:

"'Hillary-Care' 20 years ago had a broader provision," said Gingrich. "The bill that Senator (Daniel Patrick) Moynihan introduced for Hillary had a broader provision in favor of corporate rights to opt out."

Fact checkers at PunditFact decided to look into Gingrich's statement. They consulted a number of experts about the Clintons' failed health care reform plan (the Health Security Act of 1993) and none of them really knew what Gingrich was referring to.

"We think he was talking about another bill that was introduced in the context of health care reform toward the end of it by Senator Moynihan," said Katie Sanders of PunditFact. "But he did not introduce this bill on Hillary Clinton's behalf. He was actually a critic of hers and some of the ideas she had. And in this bill, corporations would have had more freedom to not cover birth control that they disagree with."

PunditFact found that it is true that Sen. Moynihan's bill included a broader religious exemption than the recent Supreme Court ruling, but Gingrich was wrong to connect that back to the Clintons. Their health care plan did not include such a provision.

Because of that, PunditFact ruled Gingrich's statement FALSE.

PunditFact has also checked into a claim found on many social media sites showing what some call the lack of diversity of Fox News anchors--nine white women with blonde hair. Click here to see if the claim is true.


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