Rubio-Murphy ready to face off: What to expect

Race for Florida U.S. Senate seat

ST PETERSBURG — There were two landslide victories this week in politics with Florida U.S. Senate candidates ready to face off for the general election in just 65 days.

10News WTSP Political Reporter Mark Rivera and Political Expert Dr. Lars Hafner break down what you'll see in the new race for Florida's U.S. Senate seat.

RIVERA: Lars, it's been a big week: we had primary wins for Marco Rubio and Patrick Murphy. What can we expect from the Senate candidates?

HAFNER: The senate race, what we'll see here, is really Patrick Murphy going out trying to introduce himself to all Floridians and probably take the tack that Marco Rubio's just ambitious, he hasn't been there for us. The idea that Patrick Murphy will serve better in the Senate because that will be his job and he'll be focused on it.
Marco Rubio will come back and say I've got the experience. I know Florida very well. I've been there for you. And we're going to continue to pursue ideas that help all Floridians. The battle really is going to come down to  who rides who's coattails, and whether Hillary Clinton wins Florida by a margin of 5 or more points. If she does, then Patrick Murphy's in good shape. Anything less than that in Florida, it will be a very tight Senate race as well. And the whole key is, will the Trump voter stay online and vote for Marco Rubio.

RIVERA: Hillary Clinton is going to be in Tampa on Tuesday. Bill Clinton is going to be in Orlando on Wednesday. This is more of that focus on the I-4 corridor. What should we expect from that team?

HAFNER: Florida, Florida, Florida. They realize if they win Florida, the race is over. The Trump campaign realizes they have to win Florida too. Because wherever Florida goes could go the nation. The fact that Hillary and Bill Clinton and the team is coming to town in the I-4 corridor tells you how important it is that this is one of their first stops after Labor Day.


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