Texas restaurant manager helps mother in need

An incredible act of generosity captured on video at a local McDonald’s is tugging on a whole lot of hearts.

The story is reassuring people that there is still plenty of good out there in this world.

It started with a single mother’s car being repossessed in front of her kids as they ate lunch.

Nobody at the fast food restaurant could have predicted what would happen next.

“I was speechless,” said Mesha Hines. “It was beautiful.”

Hines admits to falling behind on her car payments because of health problems. She said she had just finished a job interview before this happened and was trying to make it right.

“I understand people need their money at the end of the day, but there’s a way to do everything,” said Hines. “It just didn’t feel good.”

Hines’ 10-year-old son ran out of the McDonald’s when he noticed someone was leaving the parking lot in the family’s car.

The boy began pounding on the window because he thought someone was stealing the vehicle.

“He had so much passion and tears. He was ready to fight and stick up for his mom. That touched me a lot. I have two little girls,” said Scott Carmichael, general manager of the McDonald’s on Austin Street.

Carmichael tried to resolve the situation with the repo driver and also tended to Hines’ three kids.

His warm gesture turned into something much bigger when he went to the register and borrowed $1,000.

Carmichael gave the money to Hines in an envelope, with the message “god bless you and your family” written on it.

“I think it’s one of the best feelings I’ve ever had,” said Carmichael. “In that moment, I knew how blessed I’d been with my job, with my family, with my life. I knew I could help her so I did.”

The repo driver still took the car anyway, but Hines said the compassion that Carmichael displayed made her feel better.

Hines told KHOU 11 News she owes $1,000 in late payments plus a repossession fee.

“We were people who came across his path. He doesn’t even know us. He had never met or seen us in his life,” Hines said. “He’ll never understand how grateful I am.”

The touching encounter was captured on the body camera of Hempstead Cpl. Steve Angulo.

Angulo was called to the restaurant to diffuse the situation and never anticipated he’d get so emotional himself.

“You could tell she was being sincere about trying to get her life back together and was getting back on her feet,” Angulo said.

Angulo said he was deeply moved by what unfolded before his eyes.

He told fellow officers about it, and the Hempstead Police Department posted about what happened on its Facebook page.

The post has gone viral and appears to be quickly inspiring others to look for opportunities to lend a helping hand.

“It just grabs you by the heart; you’ve got to share it,” added Angulo. “It’s just nice to see that there’s still good people out there.”

Carmichael said he wasn’t looking for recognition but is elated to see the positive response.



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