June is lane courtesy month: Here's what it means

Lane courtesy month is dedicated to call out drivers we complain about.

June is lane courtesy month. 

It is an entire month to call out those drivers we complain about.

You're either the one who drives the speed limit in the left lane or you're the one cursing behind them to move out of the way.

Let's brush up on lane courtesy. It is quite simply staying in the right lane on the highway except to pass slower traffic and moving over for faster moving traffic.

Basically, just be a respectful driver.

Lane courtesy prevents accidents and erratic driving, helps stop road rage, and can save you gas because traffic flows smoother. 

In Florida, the "Keep Right" law states slower traffic must keep right and let faster cars pass in the left lane.

So, this month, be a role model and make a difference. 

Resources to learn more:

·        National Motorist Association

·        Lane Courtesy Fact Sheet

·        Keep Right Laws By State

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