Bieber ringtone scares bear, saves man's life

A Russian fisherman says a Justin Bieber ringtone on his phone scared away a bear that was mauling him near his favorite fishing spot, according to video from Newsy.

Igor Vorozhbitsyn says a brown bear jumped on him and began mauling him before his mobile phone went on and began playing the Bieber tune Baby. The victim, who had already suffered severe cuts and bruises, said the bear ran off in fear once the tune began playing.

He was found by other fisherman, who used his phone to call for help, Newsy says.

Scientists explain that it wasn't necessarily a Bieber tune that scared off the bear off - it could have been any unexpected loud noise. However, the victim felt a need to explain why he had the Bieber song as a ringtone, telling news outlets that his granddaughter uploaded it as a joke.



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