'Boogey Man' abducts 8-year-old girl from her bedroom

CARMICHAEL, Calif. (KXTV/CNN) -- A mother is trying to get the word out to other parents -- after her daughter was taken in the early morning hours by a man she didn't know.

It is every parent's worst nightmare. The 8-year-old girl was taken from her bedroom in Carmichael deep into a wooded area. But then the man let her go.

"She is a little shaken up," said the little girl's mom, who asked not to be identified. "She was taken. She was asleep."

For a scared 8-year-old girl, the man in this sketch is her "boogey man."

Sacramento County sheriff's deputies say this man entered an unlock door at a home off Adelaide way in Carmichael around 3 Sunday morning.

He picked up the third-grader while she slept in her bedroom.

Her mother says she thought the person carrying her was her father.

And she didn't realize what was happening until she was practically out the door.

Once out of the house, her father says the man threatened her life.

Once the suspect took the little girl they went over a 5-foot fence. According to the dad, the suspect actually threw his daughter over the fence and they went deep into a wooded lot.

"The bad guy as we call him took her out to the green belt or whatever it is out there and said 'OK, you can go,'" her mom said.

With a bloody nose and scratches, her father says she ran barefoot through the woods back home, climbing the same locked fence she was thrown over.

She ran to her father's bedroom and told him what happened -- a terrifying experience both parents and deputies believe.

"She doesn't make up stories," her mom said.

It didn't take long of the news spread through the neighborhood.

Neighbors say they usually don't lock their doors in the area, something that will now change.

"Take extra caution lock your doors, kiss your kids a little extra, check on your kids a couple extra times," her mom said.

The girl was taken to the hospital, where she was checked out.

She's doing fine but she is staying with her mom at another location.


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