CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Woman gets violent during repo

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) - According to Spartanburg Public Safety reports, Lakeisha Smith, the woman who allegedly bit a repossession employee, has been in trouble in connection with incidents during repos twice before.

The most recent incident was on Sunday. You can watch the video above.

The video shows the owner of the SUV trying to drive away while the vehicle was hoisted off the ground.

The tow truck driver was bit during the recovery, authorities tell us.

Officials say the woman also smashed the windows out with her hands and a tire iron.

Smith turned herself in Tuesday and has been charged with third degree assault and battery.


In January of 2012, Spartanburg Police responded to Smith's home near Brawley Street for the same vehicle in Sunday's incident. According to a report, when Smith realized the tow truck was trying to take away her vehicle, she jumped into her vehicle and attempted to get her car off of the cable by putting it into reverse. After six attempts, her car snapped the cable and she drove to the back yard of her residence, eventually driving through her back fence to escape from police.

The first time police in Spartanburg had an incident with Smith was in October of 2011 when the same SUV was being loaded onto a tow truck. When the truck was eight inches off of the ground, Smith jumped into the vehicle and sped off, breaking the lift in the process.


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