Florida couple says home infested with snakes

PUNTA GORDA, FL (WFTX/CNN) – A Florida family says the home they're renting is infested with snakes and nothing the landlord does seems to work.

For the last three months, Alissa Scott and her fiancée, Raymond Hisler, have shared their home with some unwanted intruders – nearly 48 snakes.

The snakes are making the couple crazy and scared – scared, because they have an infant, and 2-year-old Bentley isn't happy, either, as you can imagine.

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"Our two-year-old is terrified of them, and we've only found one or two in his bedroom, so far. Thank god," Hisler said.

These snakes may be small but they're vicious.

The couple is renting the home from a Barnes and Phillips Real Estate. The company has sent pest control out three times. The first time, they only checked outside.

"They're not outside. They're inside. They told us that there was no way they could get in and the pest control guy left. He literally didn't look around inside," Scott said.

Finally, on their third visit, the exterminators laid traps inside the home.

"We're still finding snakes," Scott said.

Now, they say the realtors have some strange advice.

"They're telling us that we just need to let the snakes run their course. It's just not acceptable. We can't do that. We can't live like that," Scott said.

Barnes and Phillips Real Estate would not be interviewed, but in a statement, they said they're doing everything they can about the snakes and don't have anything else to say.

Scott and Hisler are feeling the squeeze of these constricting critters.

"It's devastating because we come home and the first thing we do is check [for] snakes," Scott said. "We can't do it anymore."

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