Florida woman finds glove In Pop-Tart

(WCTV) - A Tallahassee woman says she got more than just a "pop" from her Pop-Tart.

She says she found a latex glove inside along with all the fruit filling.

Taylor Collins says she stopped at the Circle K on the corner of Capital Circle and Centerville Road this morning on her way to work.

She says she was halfway through the first Pop-Tart when she tasted the latex, ripped the packaging open, and found the glove.

Collins says she called the Kellogg's customer service number on the back of the package, only to have the Kellogg's representative offer her a gift card for more Pop-Tarts.

"Yeah, it's really gross. Like finding a nasty glove in your Pop-Tart. I will never eat one again, because it looks like moldy and stuff, and I don't know what's on it, and I ate some of it. Something needs to be done about it and I'll never eat one again," said Collins.

We have reached out to Kellogg's for their response to the claim, but haven't heard back.

Collins says she plans to go to the doctor to make sure she didn't contract anything from the glove.


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