Little dog blamed for cutting off condo complex's mail

MINNEAPOLIS - A south Minneapolis condominium building has a bone to pick with the U.S. Postal Service over an alleged dog attack involving a resident.

The owner of the dog denies that any attack of a mail carrier ever happened, but mail delivery service was stopped.

At about 9 a.m. on June 10, Alicia Patrick said she was walking her six-year-old Coton De Tulear male, named "Nano" when a temporary replacement carrier approached on the sidewalk on the 3000 block of Chicago Avenue South.

Patrick said the dog, which weighs about 12 pounds, somehow slipped off his leash and approached the female carrier.

"He dashed over to her, stood on his back legs and put hispaws up and did his little digging movement that he does when he is excited to meet people," said Patrick. "I asked if she was OK. She said that she was and so she just kept going that way and I went (the other) way. I thought that was kind of the end of it."

Patrick said she returned to her building at 3939 Chicago and used her key to let the mail carrier into the vestibule where the tenants mail boxes are on one wall.

"I thought maybe she had been startled, but I absolutely got no inclination that she had been injured in any way," said Patrick. "No way at all."

However, the carrier reported to the USPS that the dog had attacked and bitten her on the inner thigh, causing nine puncture wounds. Mail delivery service to the 10 condo residents of the entire building was stopped the next day.

A letter to residents of the condo was dated June 20 from the manager of customer services at the Powerhorn Post Office. It was titled "Discontinuance of Delivery Due to Prevention of Dog Attack."


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