"Ma'am there's a lemur on your baby"

(KWCH) A trip to Tanganyika Wildlife Park has turned into a bit of fame for one Kansas family.

Angie Widener says her 9-month old daughter fell asleep in her car seat while touring the park and while she was watching her two kids, she head a woman next to her laughing.

"The lady beside me was giggling and said "Ma'am, there's a lemur on your baby."'

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Widener says she looked down and saw the lemur on her daughter's head.

"[I] was kinda shocked at first but the zookeeper was right there and was like "It's totally fine, she's not gonna hurt her."'

Widener says the zookeeper told her she could take the lemur off the baby's head, but that she should take a picture first. Widener took the photo and then sent it to a friend who posted the photo online.

The rest is viral history.

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