Man admits 'Bigfoot' exhibit is fake

HOUSTON (KHOU) -- A Nevada man admitted to the San Antonio Express News that his 8-foot-tall exhibit is actually a prop made to look like bigfoot.

Rick Dyer claimed to have seen the 9-foot creature in the woods near San Antonio in 2012. He said he filmed a short phone video, then shot the creature and took it to a unnamed university to have it tested and verified.

Then he took the fake taxidermy on the road and sold tickets for people to see it in person. Dozens of people in Katy paid $20 for a chance to see what Dyer called "the real thing" last month.

Apparently Dyer and his crew had a falling out, forcing him to admit the truth.

His nationwide tour with the creature raked in close to $60,000.

There was no word on whether people will get their money back.


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