Puppy credited with saving Siberian girl

Sakha Republic, Russia -- A puppy is getting credit for helping a 3-year-old girl survive for nearly two weeks in the woods of Siberia.

Karina Chikitova, a 3-year-old girl from northeast Russia's Sakha Republic, took her dog to look for her father, who had left home as part of a firefighting operation, according to a report. Her mother returned home to find the girl gone, but assumed she was with her father. Due to poor phone reception in the remote area, no one knew the girl was missing until four days had passed.

More than 100 people amassed to search for Karina, many of them hunters and special forces soldiers. Because of the long grass common in the summer, helicopters and aerial drones proved ineffective during the search, with the rescue effort having to rely heavily on people on the ground.

The puppy returned home on the ninth day, and the following day Kyrachaan led the rescue team to an area it had not searched. There they found her shoes and the next day searchers found Karina in a bed of the long grass.

The report said it is believed that the dog cuddled with Karina to keep her warm at night.

Chikitova is recovering in a hospital.


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