Social media being used for drug sales

Tampa, Florida -- A new trend in social media?

Blatant drug sales.

According to, many people on Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram are using pictures and hashtags to sell drugs. It may seem like an obvious way to catch drug dealers but more often than not it is the buyer, not the seller, that is affected most with negative consequences.

Here's how simple it is. When a person is looking to buy drugs they look for hastags like "#kush4sale", or usernames such as "ihavedrugs4sale." The buyer gets in contact with the user who usually has pictures of the product available. The buyer and seller usually talk through DM (direct messages) or anonymous apps like Kik.

Like many sellers, they want their money transferred electronically through Paypal or something similar. However, their methods of shipping are pretty standard and options like UPS and FedEx are used. However, the seller will usually only sell large amounts of drugs. Look at this conversation between a seller and a buyer who only wants a small amount of marijuana:

The buyer receives a package with no return address, for obvious reasons, so if the package is intercepted by authorities they often let it go through and arrest the recipient once he or she signs for it.

There's also another issue: If sent through the mail, there is the potential for a federal charge, especially since these dealers only ship large amounts.

That's a lot of potential #jailtime.

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