Someone dumping books on Colorado highway

BOULDER COUNTY – For the past two months, someone has been using the median of a state highway as a book drop, and the Colorado Department of Transportation is as mystified as it is frustrated.

CDOT spokesperson Jared Fiel says the stretch of Highway 287 between Arapahoe Road to Jasper Road in Boulder County has been littered with dozens of books on numerous occasions over the last two months.

On Monday, CDOT crews were out again, collecting as many as 50 books by hand. Fiel says the first time they tried to pick them up with a machine, but the books got stuck in the broom of the equipment.

Since December, workers for CDOT have collected 300 books from the median – anywhere from 25 to 50 at a time. Fiel says not only is it dangerous, but it's frustrating.

"Sending guys out there in the middle of the median is a safety issue," he said. "These guys have more important things to do."

At first, it was romance paperbacks. Now, on the tenth mission to clean up the dropped debris, crews have found a hodge-podge of different titles.

"It's one of those things, it's very frustrating," Fiel said.

The books started north of Lafayette near Jasper Road and Highway 287, but have since stretched father south towards Arapahoe Road, Fiel said.

Several drivers in the area sent 9NEWS tips asking where the books were coming from. That part of the story remains to be told.


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