Teen tries to drain pond to rescue iPhone

KUSA – Cellphones are important to everyone, but one German teenager took his love for his device to a whole new level when he tried to drain the pond that he had the misfortune of dropping his beloved iPhone into.

According to the New York Daily News, the 16-year-old knew his phone was probably dead, given that water and electronics generally don't get along, but he just wanted it back so he could access all of his cool photos, videos and contact information.

He dropped his phone into the pond during a fishing trip, and when the fisherman wouldn't let him dive in to get it back, he came back a few hours later, equipped with pumps and two hoses.

After his plan to drain the pond water into the fishing club's toilet failed, he flooded the parking lot… which alerted police to his dastardly plan.

The teen will have to pay for damages caused by his failed attempt to drain a pond, but he has learned a valuable lesson: rent a scuba suit next time, dude.



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