VIDEO: Handler bitten, dragged into pool full of crocodiles

AUSTRALIA (CNN) -- A handler attacked by a 12-foot crocodile in Australia has had hours of microsurgery to repair his hand.

Trent Burton says he is still having flashbacks of the encounter, but says he still can't imagine doing anything else.

Sitting up in his hospital bed two days after escaping the jaws of death, the gravity of this story is not lost on Burton.

"It is difficult because when you lay down to sleep of a night time if I choose to I can still feel the tugging and pulling against it," Burton said.

Burton recalls the moment Johnny the Croc released its heavy duty grip, but left him floating in a pond full of more crocs.

"As I was dragging myself out of the water my total focus was on my legs," he said. "Am I about to feel another big clamp down on my leg? Until I'm out of the land, I'm not out of trouble."

The greatest danger now is infection. He has had plates and screws inserted into his index finger and a severed artery repaired.

But his brush with death has not scared him off. In fact he intends to jump straight back into the feeding pit with Johnny the Croc as soon as doctors give him the all clear.

"They do believe with a bit of hard work and a bit of good physio that I should regain, I should be feeding crocodiles again," he said.

His hands are no longer on the menu.

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