VIDEO: Woman arrested streaking through parking lot

(KFSM) - An arraignment has been set for Aug. 1 for a woman arrested while running through Fayetteville when she was high and naked, authorities say.

The arraignment is scheduled to take place at the Fayetteville District Court at 9 a.m., according to the Fayetteville Prosecutor's Office.

Melissa M. Valencia, 21, of Rogers was arrested on July 1 at 10:27 p.m. after police found her streaking through a parking lot at South Church Avenue and West Mountain Street in Fayetteville, a preliminary report states.

Authorities originally received a call about a "naked female" running down West Center Street. The caller said the woman was intoxicated on drugs and "tripping balls," according to the report.

When police arrived at her location, they heard a loud scream and saw her. An officer turned on his blue lights and pulled in behind her, ordering her to stop as she tried to walk away. She took off running and attempted to hide behind a pole in the parking lot, the report states.


Police walked her back to the patrol car, and when they attempted to put handcuffs on her, Valencia began "thrashing her arms about." Another officer came over and secured her arms. She began to scream more and kick, so, two pairs of leg restraints were put on her, according to the report.

Medical personnel arrived on the scene, and police put a blanket around her, sending her with EMS. She began to thrash and scream more, and they handcuffed her to the gurney, the report states.

She refused to answer any questions, according to the report.

She was taken to the Washington Regional Medical Center for treatment on a possible drug overdose, and when she had returned to normal, she admitted to "taking acid at her boyfriend's house," the report states.

Valencia was calm, polite and answered all questions asked by law enforcement. Her behavior was, "the complete opposite as it was during the original call," according to the report.

She was transported to the Washington County Detention Center and faces charges of public intoxication, disorderly conduct and refusal to submit to arrest, the report states.


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