Viral video shows girl sitting in doorway of moving converted bus

LAKE JACKSON, Texas – A shocking cell phone video showing a young girl sitting next to the open door of a moving converted school bus has gone viral.

KHOU 11 News learned that the video was shot Wednesday afternoon, and everyone wants to know who's to blame.

The video has many people Brazoria County fuming. A man driving beside the "big bouncy bus" shot the video with his cell phone.

"That's not safe get up in there, that's not safe at all. You gonna let that kid ride like that…it's not safe," said the man driving beside the bus.

KHOU 11 News tracked down the bus company's last owner of record. She said got rid of the company five years ago.

"We sold it, but it's been a while. We never transferred the title, we lost the title and we trying to get the title today to get it over with," she said.

We asked: "So it belongs to someone else?"

She said: "Yes, right."

The incident happened on South Bernard Street near North Market Street.

"Wow, it's ridiculous," said workers from a nearby daycare who used to use the bouncy bus.

They were shocked by the video.

"It's not compliant with licensing regulations so we have not been able to," Amie Peterson said. "They swing on like ropes and they do balancing things. It's supposed to help kids learn balancing. But that's not helping a child. Putting them in danger."

At the end of the day, the driver is just glad he said something.

KHOU 11 News is trying to get in touch with the new owner.


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