Walmart thief hopeful for Walmart

Operations safe surrender

ST. PETERSBURG, FL -- Yes, that's a real headline, and this actually happened. 

On Saturday, the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office held its annual Operation Safe Surrender. PCSO partners with the courts to allow people with outstanding non-violent misdemeanor warrants to safely turn themselves in and have their warrants reviewed.

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That helps potentially resolve the case instead of there being an arrest.

But, listen to this. There was a moment in court that stopped the judge in his tracks. A woman pleading guilty for stealing a cart of merchandise from Walmart shared her interesting plan to turn her life around.

Here's how the conversation went: 

Judge: “Do you work?”

Defendant: “I’m looking for [work], I have an interview. I’m waiting for Walmart to call me back at Pinellas Park. I have an interview with them.”

Judge: “I’m on candid camera aren’t I?”

“How do you think it’s gonna go when the background shows that you tried to take a cart full of stuff from -- well -- Walmart?”

“A lot of times, that’d be a disqualifier. What do I know? There, I’m over it.” 

That prompted some laughs from the judge, staff members and even the bailiffs.

But, all jokes aside, the court collected $1,113 in fees and fines. No arrests were made during the event. 


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