WATCH: Tree falls on officer during traffic stop!

CENTERVILLE, Iowa (KCCI) -- An Iowa police officer somehow only suffered minor injuries during a bizarre accident during a traffic stop on Wednesday night.

Centerville Police Chief Tom Demry told CBS affilliate KCCI that Jeremy Veach is recovering.

Veach had pulled over a vehicle about 11:15 p.m. when a large tree fell and hit him and the vehicle he had stopped. The accident was caught on video by the officer's in-car camera.

Demry said Veach could hear it popping just before it fell, but couldn't get out of the way. The SUV took the brunt of the limb, which probably prevented Veach from being seriously hurt. Veach immediately called for help.

He suffered only minor scrapes and bruising on his shoulder, back and leg. He also needed three stitches in his elbow. Veach described it as feeling like being hit with a giant fly swatter.

Chief Demry said Veach is expected to return to work soon, and that it was an old tree that apparently had rotted out and just snapped.

The driver who was pulled over was not seriously hurt in the accident, and did not receive a ticket.

"That's the one, true way to get out of a ticket, ya know," Veach said. "Everyone asks a police officer, 'How do you get out of a ticket?' If a tree falls on you, you're probably going to get off."

A damage total on the vehicle is not yet available.


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