Woman sues parents over embarrassing Facebook childhood pictures

AUSTRIA -- It's a story that makes the kid in all of us nervous: Mom and Dad pulling out the photo album and showing cringe-worthy pictures to family and friends.

In the social media age, however, Facebook amplifies that audience.

In a story that has gone viral in Europe, an 18-year-old Austrian woman has had enough of her naked baby photos and potty training pictures out there for the world to see.

According to Austrian website The Local, the teen is suing her parents for sharing 500 images of her childhood, warts and all, over Facebook to 700 friends.

The woman claims that the images have violated her right to a private life. Her attorney said that the photos, posted since 2009, are not being deleted despite the woman's request for their removal.

She told The Local that she is resorting to legal action because  her parents "are not taking her seriously enough."

"They knew no shame and limit - and didn't care whether it was a picture of me sitting on the toilet or lying naked in my cot - every stage was photographed and then made public," she told reporters.

Her father refuses to budge believing he retains the sole right to publish these photos.

It's a novel court case in Austria, according to The Local, where privacy laws are more liberal than neighboring countries such as France.

if she wins her case, it could set a precedent for Austrian parents to be wary of openly sharing photos of their children.

They cited French law where anyone convicted of publishing images of others without consent may imprisoned up to a year and pay a fine of 45,000 Euros ($50,000).



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