EDITORIAL: Bad driving is for the birds

Seeing drivers doing crazy things on Tampa Bay roads is so frustrating. I know you feel my pain. Every day you can see an incredibly stupid and unsafe maneuver on our roads.

I've had time to think about the problem while sitting in traffic jams while no one is working at road construction sites.

We can't make drivers more careful, but we can find a way to control our anger.

Let me share my idea with you, and perhaps you too can use it calm down and smell the roses and not the gas fumes.

It has to do with bird watching. That's right, bird watching. Bird watchers are a serene group. They see a bird, they announce the name of the bird. They seem happy.

Let's borrow the idea. When you see a bad driver, announce the name of their careless maneuver and maybe you will obtain serenity behind the wheel.

So, here are names for three of the worst drivers you'll see on the roads.

The Lefty

First, there's "The Lefty." This is the driver who stays in the left-hand lane for miles. Because sometime, in this century, they will make a left hand turn. There is the rare lefty who has the turn signal on the whole time. But almost all Lefties share a common trait. They all drive well below the speed limit, not even close.

The Slow Rush

Next, have you seen "The Slow Rush?" This driver is always in a rush to pull out in front of you from a side street while you are traveling on a busy road. But the slow rush ends as soon as they pull out. Now they enter the slower-than-molasses speed. Meanwhile, you wonder why they were in a rush to cut you off.

The Yacker

Finally,"The Yacker." This is the most common of all birds on the road. They have a phone pressed to their head, almost like it's super glued. They pay no attention to their speed, their lane, their fellow driver. No, the Yacker's conversation is so important that they can go 20 miles below the speed limit or swerve in front of you at will.

Not to be left out... The Red Yacker

Now on a rare occasion you'll spot The Red Yacker. This is the person talking on the phone while drinking coffee or smoking a cigarette. Obviously, the Red Yacker has mastered the art of driving with his knees.

So the next time you see a bad driver, before you get mad, gently say to yourself, "There goes a Lefty, a Slow Rush, or a Yacker." This prevents you from doing something really stupid while angry. Because after all Tampa Bay and Sarasota, we need all the safe drivers we can get.

I'm Elliott Wiser, President and General Manager of 10 News, and that's my opinion.

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