Editorial: Loud kids, quiet parents

Nice meal, great service, wild kid running around the restaurant while the parents are oblivious to the kiddie bedlam.

Sound familiar?

How about the screaming two-year-old on the crowded plane while the parent hook up earphones and fall asleep. Remember that horrific flight?

This seems to be happening more and more recently. Now I could reach out to an uber sociologist or a child psychologist for an explanation, but I'll go with my gut as a parent.

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Folks, it's not the kid's fault. It's the parents fault. That's right, it's not the howling infant with the dirty diaper or the undisciplined youngster's problem. Mom and dad, look in the mirror and say "guilty".

Parents please stop treating public places as your living room. Your kids are out in public. Teach them manners and you should be more respectful of other people.

And the time to teach manners is not in the middle of that plane ride or restaurant. It starts at home at an early age.

Also, maybe it's time for airlines to have certain sections reserved for folks over 18. Movie theaters should not allow young children after a certain time of night. I once saw an infant carried into a 10 p.m. showing of Lord of the Rings. You can guess what happened. The crying was not Hobbit-like.

And finally - restaurants - after 8 p.m. - how about serving adults only? Especially on weekends. Now, before you jump off the couch. I'm not talking about family style restaurants. I'm talking about higher end great wine-list type restaurants. Try a few weekends kid free. I bet business gets better.

Look, I am a parent. It's a tough job. And many parents do a great job. But it is the most important job in the world and there is no training to be a parent.

I'm not sitting here blaming the children. They are innocent. It is the neglectful, oblivious parent I'm talking about. It just takes one to ruin it for a roomful, or plane-full of people.

I'm Elliott Wiser, President and General Manger of 10 News, and that's my opinion.

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