Deaf football players Tyler Cook and Neill Kovatch make an impact at Pinellas Park High School

2:48 PM, Nov 20, 2012   |    comments
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If you have ever played high school sports then you know that it is no easy task, but can you imagine playing football without hearing anything at all? 

Well that's exactly what two players are doing at Pinellas Park High School this fall.  Those players are junior Tyler Cook and freshmen Neill Kovatch. 

This year was Tyler's first playing football as he was influenced by his weightlifting coach, who is also one of the football coaches.  Neill however has played football before and can't wait for his chance to play on varsity.  Both players play defense, as it is much easier for a deaf player to just wait and watch for the ball to be snapped.  

When it comes to communicating with teammates and coaches, the school provides a translator.  In addition, several of the players are taking classes in American Sign Language, and can communicate with both Tyler and Neill.

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