Darnell Dockett's new facemask turns heads

(USA TODAY) -- The Arizona Cardinals held a fan fest event on Tuesday afternoon, welcoming Phoenix faithful to University of Phoenix Stadium towatch the Cardinals practice and participate in variousCardinals-themed activities.

But defensive end Darnell Dockett stole theshow when he seized the opportunity to test out some new fashion.

The Cards tweeted, "What do u think of the facemask that @ddockett is wearing @ ? Retweet if u approve! @nflpic.twitter.com/reLeORYy1Q"

That's about the tightest facemask grid you'll ever see, plus areflective visor. Opposing offensive linemen should absolutely notexpect to get their fingers inside Darnell Dockett's helmet this year.It even has a bull-ring for added protection, and the bull-ring itselfhas extra bars inside it.

We've seen facemasks nearly as intricate in the NFL before, most notably on Giants defensive end Justin Tuck.

Dockett's new look clearly represents an elevated level offace-shielding in the NFL, but it comes with a risk. Opposing linemanmight now distract Dockett for a few seconds with a simple, "Don't lookat the bars, dude!" Because then you always look at the bars. The only problem is, it's a tough card to play when you yourself are wearing a facemask with tons of bars.

And to Dockett's credit, it'll be great for terrorizing a certain group of mutant bipedal turtles.


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