Tampa Bay Rays Stadium Saga - Continuing Coverage

As the Tampa Bay Rays continue their campaign for a new stadium and the region looks for ways to keep the team for "generations to come" - a stalemate that has lingered since 2008 - 10 Investigates reporter Noah Pransky leads the coverage on all the developments in the ongoing Stadium Saga:

2/5/16 - REPORT: Rays, Hillsborough leaders hold first private stadium meeting

2/4/16 - REPORT: Rays release list of new stadium priorities

1/15/16 - REPORT: Stadium location frontrunners

1/14/16 - UPDATE: St. Pete finally gives Rays permission to explore Tampa

1/14/16 - REPORT: Page turning on Stadium Saga

1/12/16 - REPORT: Could contract clause allow Rays to stray sooner?

1/8/16 - REPORT: Mayors Kriseman, Buckhorn address fine points in stadium search

1/7/16 - UPDATE: Kriseman releases final tweaks to Rays deal

1/7/16 - UPDATE: St. Pete to vote on new deal next wee

1/6/16 - REPORT: St. Pete vote coming soon on Rays

1/12/16 - REPORT: Could contract clause allow Rays to stray sooner?

12/24/15 - POLL: No consensus, lots of apathy on Rays' future

11/3/15 - REPORT: St. Pete elects Wheeler-Brown, key swing vote for Rays

10/29/15 - REPORT: Rays reject St. Pete's offer to explore Hillsborough

10/28/15 - BLOG: St. Pete taxpayers to finance new stadium?

10/22/15 - REPORT: St. Pete council sends breakthrough counteroffer to Rays

10/14/15 - REPORT: Council chair releases new proposed MOU

10/9/15 - UPDATE: Some commissioners change tune on stadium after election

10/6/15 - REPORT: Toytown stadium talks paused?

10/2/15 - REPORT: Real reasons, real numbers for Trop attendance

9/23/15 - UPDATE: Braves' idea in Pinellas clashing with Rays'?

9/22/15 - REPORT: Braves, Sheffield talk spring training at Pinellas' Toytown?

6/30/15 - REPORT: Is St. Pete considering Tropicana Field 2.0?

5/28/15 - REPORT: Workshop exposes stadium divide on St. Pete council

5/28/15 - REPORT: St. Pete council will look at Trop redevelopment

4/6/15 - BLOG: Montreal outshines Tampa Bay; too bad it doesn't matter

4/5/15 - BLOG: Montreal's not ideal for Rays

4/2/15 - UPDATE: St. Pete council invites Rays back to table

4/1/15 -BLOG: What Tampa Bay can learn from Minnesota's Stadium Saga

2/19/15 - UPDATE: Florida legislature fails to address stadium law

2/19/15 - REPORT: St. Pete council wants role in Rays stadium talks

2/9/15 - REPORT: Rays' president candid about stadium hopes, challenges

2/4/15 - UPDATE: Rays, St. Pete continue negotiations

1/29/15 -UPDATE: Gov. Scott still won't talk stadiums

1/28/15 - UPDATE: The campaign contributions that fuel stadium subsidies

1/27/15 - UPDATE: Group wants state to end stadium subsidies

1/26/15 - REPORT: 10 Investigates examines state stadium subsidies

1/25/15 - REPORT: Teams historically exaggerate "need" for tax dollars

1/8/15 - REPORT: Kriseman says "no timetable" for new negotiations

12/19/14 - REPORT: Rays, St. Pete still open to negotiations

12/19/14 - REPORT: Rays' relocation options limited at best

12/19/14 - UPDATE: Will Rays rejection mean team packs its bags?

12/18/14 - REPORT: Tampa officials disappointed with St. Pete vote

12/18/14 - REPORT: Frustrated St. Pete council rejects Hillsboroough compromise

12/10/14 - REPORT: What will Rays do following council vote?

12/10/14 - REPORT: Rays fans react to looming deal

12/10/14 - REPORT: How much will a new Rays stadium cost taxpayers?

12/10/14 - UPDATE: Rays council vote delayed a week in St. Pete

12/10/14 - REPORT: New stadium does not guarantee higher attendance

12/10/14 - REPORT: If the Rays leave, what will replace Trop?

12/9/14 - REPORT: St. Pete's played the stadium game before

12/9/14 - REPORT: Sternberg: New stadium or Rays are for sale

12/9/14 - REPORT: Positives and negatives of St. Pete's agreement with Rays

12/8/14 - REPORT: St. Pete agrees to let team look in Tampa

10/1/14 - REPORT: Hillsborough Commission tasks Tampa Sports Authority with Rays negotiations

8/6/14 - REPORT: Where Pinellas Commission candidates stand on the Stadium Saga

8/4/14 - REPORT: Where Hillsborough Commission candidates stand on the Stadium Saga

5/14/14 - REPORT: Rays donate to Greenlight Pinellas campaign

4/1/14 - REPORT: Rays focused on boosting attendance at Trop in 2014

2/18/14 - REPORT: Kriseman focusing on St. Pete fixes, not Tampa locations

1/24/14-REPORT: Tampa council members opposing stadium subsidies

12/11/13 - REPORT: Scott Boras wants Rays in Montreal

12/3/13 - REPORT: Rays unveil Tropicana Field renovations

11/26/13 -BLOG: Stadiums are really expensive retail anchors

11/22/13 - REPORT: Mayor Foster questions MLB's commitment to Tampa Bay again

11/6/13 - REPORT: St. Pete Mayor-Elect Kriseman wants quick end to stadium stalemate

11/6/13 - UPDATE: What a Rick Kriseman win means for the Rays

9/27/13 - REPORT: If Rays make the playoffs, will fans fill the Trop?

9/20/13 - COLUMN: Attendance issues exist beyond Tampa Bay

9/18/13 - REPORT: Grass-roots effort aims to "Top Off the Trop"

9/12/13 - REPORT: Tampa sports talk station kicks off campaign to save Rays

9/5/13 - UPDATE: Foster criticizes MLB for interfering with negotiations

9/5/13 - REPORT: Talks may be breaking down between St. Pete, Rays

8/18/13 - COLUMN: Trop's big problem is all about "ballpark" atmosphere

8/15/13 - REPORT: Selig, MLB will "intervene" in stalemate

8/12/13 - GUEST COLUMN: How to keep the Rays in Tampa Bay

8/9/13 - UPDATE: What does math look like for taxpayers on a Tampa stadium?

8/9/13 - REPORT: Buckhorn, Hagan meet to discuss Tampa stadium

8/8/13 - REPORT: Rays announce ticket promotions for rest of season

8/6/13 - UPDATE: Mayoral candidates debate Stadium Saga & Stadium Stalemate

8/6/13 - REPORT: If Rays look to Tampa, where could a stadium work?

8/6/13 - REPORT: Can Hillsborough County even afford Rays?

8/5/13 - COLUMN: Is Tampa Bay a "big league baseball market?"

8/5/13 - REPORT: Mayor Foster softens stance on Tampa sites

7/26/13 - REPORT: Mayoral candidates discuss Stadium Saga & Stadium Stalemate

2/15/13 - REPORT: Sternberg, Mayor Foster meet again

2/14/13 - REPORT: Rick Kriseman wants to make Stadium Saga big campaign issue vs. Mayor Bill Foster

2/7/13 - UPDATE: St. Pete council rejects proposed contract amendment

2/6/13 - UPDATE: Rays release statement on councilman's proposed contract amendment

1/31/13 - INTERVIEW: Mayors Foster, Buckhorn discuss Stadium Saga

1/29/13 - UPDATE: Inside the Rays season ticket stats

1/29/13 - REPORT: Rays meet with Pinellas Commission

1/28/13 - REPORT: Economist who said, "Move Rays to Downtown Tampa" is currently paid by MLB

1/24/13 - REPORT: Rays meet with Hillsborough Commission

11/19/12 - REPORT: Local chambers release stadium financing reports

10/29/12 - REPORT: Where Pinellas Commission candidates stand on the Stadium Saga

10/29/12 - REPORT: Where Hillsborough Commission candidates stand on the Stadium Saga

10/26/12 - UPDATE: St. Pete rejects Rays offer; Rays moving forward with Hillsborough meeting

10/11/12 - REPORT: Rays counteroffer St. Pete, hoping to amend lease

9/28/12 - UPDATE: Rays fans react to new stadium proposal

9/28/12 - REPORT: Who would pay $577M pricetag for new stadium?

9/28/12 - REPORT: St. Pete developer releases Carillon stadium proposal

8/24/12 - UPDATE: Rays accept St. Pete invitation but say it has "no bearing" on position

8/16/12 - REPORT: St. Pete invites developer to present concept; challenges Rays to accept invitation

8/9/12 - REPORT: Pinellas developer has stadium proposal for Gateway

8/7/12 - REPORT: Pinellas Commissioners vote to invite Rays, St. Pete to talk future stadium

8/3/12 - UPDATE: Hillsborough Commissioners shift on approach toward Rays

8/2/12 - REPORT: Mayor Foster hints at legal action if Rays talk to Hillsborough commissioners

7/31/12 - REPORT: Hillsborough commissioners given "OK" to talk to team

6/11/12 - REPORT: Selig rips Rays fans again

6/3/12 - REPORT: Bullets routinely found in Trop roof

5/3/12 - REPORT: Commissioner suggests port-for-stadium swap

4/23/12 - REPORT: Why is Rays attendance surging early in 2012?

4/13/12 - REPORT: Grassroots group wants to "Keep the Rays in St. Pete"

3/28/12 - REPORT: Tampa group asks Selig to intervene

1/23/12 - UPDATE: Stadiums-as-homeless shelters bill moves forward

1/17/12 - REPORT: Could Tampa Bay learn from Ripken's Sarasota stadium snub?

1/17/12 - REPORT: Foster, Sternberg meet for two hours

11/4/11 - UPDATE: Proposed stadium legislation includes using venues as homeless shelters

10/26/11 - UPDATE: Local legislator to file anti-stadium bill...again

10/20/11 - REPORT: Mayor Foster, St. Pete Council talk Rays contract

10/19/11 - REPORT: Orlando mayor jumps into stadium debate

10/6/11 - REPORT: Maybe success is sustainable at The Trop?

9/5/11 - REPORT: Where St. Pete Council candidates stand on the Rays

8/18/11 - UPDATE: Foster to council: Rays aren't talking

8/17/11 - REPORT: City Council wants baseball update; Rays bypassing mayor

8/12/11 - REPORT: Council wants Mayor Foster to spill the beans

8/10/11 - REPORT: "Clutch Hitters" put pressure on Mayor Foster

7/20/11 - REPORT: Joe Maddon, Matt Silverman join chorus of Tropicana boo-birds

6/24/11 - REPORT: Chambers of Commerce, Downtown Tampa groups now analyzing stadium financing

6/24/11 - UPDATE: ESPN tries to explain Trop photo slight

6/23/11 - REPORT: ESPN uses old photos to portray Trop attendance

4/26/11 - REPORT: Commissioner wants stadium dollars committed to parks after 2015

3/15/11 - FACT-CHECK: Bob Buckhorn talks Rays stadium

3/15/11 - UPDATE: Tampa mayoral candidates hint at stadium pitches

2/2/11 - REPORT: Tampa mayoral candidates debate Rays

1/21/11 - REPORT: Rays sign Damon with attendance clause

12/16/10 - REPORT: Tampa Chamber will explore stadium funding issues

12/7/10 - REPORT: Rays' season ticket-holder "broken-hearted" over price hikes

11/30/10 - UPDATE: Pinellas Commission extends tourist tax

11/18/10 - REPORT: Neither Sternberg nor Selig want to talk about meeting

11/17/10 - INTERVIEW: Sternberg on fans' misconceptions

11/17/10 - REPORT: Sternberg, Rays looking to MLB for relief

11/16/10 - UPDATE: Pinellas Commissioners discuss extending bed tax

10/31/10 - REPORT: Where Hillsborough Commissioner candidates stand on Rays

10/27/10 - REPORT: Pinellas Commission inches closer to partial stadium funding

9/30/10 - REPORT: Did ticket giveaway prove it's not the location?

9/29/10 - REPORT: Rays giveaway 20,000 tickets amid backlash

8/12/10 - TOUR: Climbing to the top of the Trop's catwalks

7/27/10 - UPDATE: Rays rebuff Foster's proposal

7/22/10 - REPORT: Mayor Foster sends proposed amendment to Rays

7/20/10 - REPORT: Mayor Foster willing to amend use agreement

6/28/10 - SPECIAL REPORT: Are newspapers driving the stadium debate?

6/24/10 - UPDATE: St. Pete mayor returns Rays' opening volley

6/22/10 - REPORT: Baseball author thinks Rays will stay in Pinellas

6/21/10 - REPORT: Rays want out of Downtown St. Pete, will look toward Tampa

6/20/10 - REPORT: Rays to make "major announcement" Monday

5/20/10 - REPORT: Hillsborough Commissioners discuss possible Rays Stadium

5/18/10 - REPORT: Group plans to buy land for stadium in Downtown Tampa

4/6/10 - REPORT: Three mayors team up to help Rays

3/16/10 - REPORT: Pinellas waiting on St. Pete, St. Pete waiting on Rays

2/17/10 - UPDATE: Hillsborough getting active in stadium saga

2/11/10 - UPDATE: ABC Coalition urges St. Pete to reconsider meeting

2/9/10 - REPORT: Developer visions a stadium at Toytown

1/25/10 - REPORT: Coalition concludes Tampa Bay needs teamwork to keep Rays

12/1/09 - REPORT: Rays' Friedman address team payroll

11/19/09 - REPORT: St. Pete steps up fight to keep Rays

11/3/09 - REPORT: What Bill Foster's win means for the Rays

10/21/09 - REPORT: ABC Coalition updates findings

9/30/09 - COLUMN: Could/would/should Rays consider leaving?

9/10/09 - COLUMN: Rays aren't "small-market"

8/20/09 - REPORT: ABC Coalition begins building final report

7/31/09 - UPDATE: Mayoral candidates debate Rays

7/17/09 - REPORT: St. Pete among worst options for Rays

7/13/09 - REPORT: Group releases first findings on Rays

7/10/09 - REPORT: Fans launch campaign to move Rays to Tampa

7/3/09 - COLUMN: How the Rays' stadium saga will go down

6/16/09 - REPORT: Renovating The Trop too expensive

5/22/09 - COLUMN: Location, Location, Location

5/8/09 - REPORT: Mayoral candidates debate Rays

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