(CBS NEWS) -- Yahoo announced Monday a complete redesign of photo-sharing site Flickr and a new office in New York City.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer kicked off a press event in the Big Apple by first acknowledging the company'sacquisition of Tumblr,thepopular blogging platform, then saying that more than 500 Yahooemployees will soon be moving into the old New York Times building --and namesake for Times Square.

Mayor Michael Bloombergcongratulated Mayer on the Tumblr deal by quipping, "From one mayor toanother, I want to say congratulations."

But this event wasn't about Tumblr.

Mayerwent on to say that as the rumors of Tumblr's acquisition began tocirculate, another company with a dropped letter came up: Flickr.

Thephoto-sharing company was one of the hippest websites on the Internet-- home to professional photographers, hipsters and burgeoninghobbyists. But the site began to stagnate after it was acquired by Yahooin 2005.

When Mayer became the CEO of Yahoo last year, a web campaign to redesign Flickr went viral. The website launched and had one message: "Please make Flickr awesome again."

Mayermay have been sending a message to fans when she said Monday nightthat Yahoo was committed to making Flicker "awesome again."

Flickr'steam has been busy at work to reboot the brand and make it competitiveto a new generation of photographers. In December 2012, the Flickrmobile app for iOS devices was redesigned to add fliters and sharingcapabilities that is comparable to Instagram. Now the team is addingfeatures that is more aligned with its contemporaries.

"Marissaasked us to reimagine Flickr, " said Michael Cahan, senior vicepresident of mobile and emerging products, "She honestly asked us tosimply change the world."

Cahan highlights three major changes that Flickr that went live on Monday: redesigned website and android app, full resolution images and 1 terabyte of free cloud storage.

"Wewanted to bring a photo-centric world," Cahan said before showing a newFlickr homepage that features a stream of large photos that looksimilar to Pinterest or 500px.

Flickr reports 89 millionusers. The site was launched in 2004 and acquired by Yahoo in 2005. Thewebsite has been updated to say, "Dear MarissaMayer, Thank you for making Flickr awesome again."

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