Janet Sciales "The StarGoddess" has tips for Leo


The StarGoddess's Tips for Leo
Leo runs from July 23 - August 22nd and is ruled by the Sun, so you can usually find them shining brightly in the spotlight at the center of attention (Mick Jagger) in any group regaling folks with tales of glory. They have great personalities, a mane of flowing hair (Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski and Chris Helmsworth), are impeccably dressed in bright, bold colors like red and yellow (Hulk Hogan) all the while sporting big pieces of gold jewelry (Jennifer Lopez). They usually arrive at a function a few minutes late, (Iman the model) not that they can't tell time on their beautiful gold watch, they'd just rather make a grand entrance, (Cecil B DeMille) preferably with a drum roll so everyone can notice them because they truly believe that the party starts when they arrive. If they get enough fire water in them they will dance with a lampshade on their heads and get loud and boisterous (Whitney Houston) Both the men and the women have a feline look to them,(Mae West, Lonnie Anderson) and some go as far as to dress in animal prints emulating their Lion totem. They rarely skulk into a room preferring to walk in like they own the joint, standing straight and tall (Haile Selasi). They are regal kings (Barak Obama and Napoleon) and queens (Madonna) of the Zodiac. As they are ruled by the Sun, the center of our solar system, so they really believe that everyone else in the world exists to orbit their star...and to be grateful for the opportunity to do so. They throw the best temper tantrums in the zodiac (Danny Bonaduce) and need stairs to stomp up and doors to slam while showing their displeasure as they punish you by removing their glowing presence from your life.

About The StarGoddess

I'm the StarGoddess, aka Janet Sciales. I escaped from New York the first day I was street legal and headed south to where the weather suited my clothes. I graduated from Harvard on the Hillsborough (the University of Tampa) work for CBS Radio at Q105 and have been in the StarGoddess career field for most of my lifetimes. Off the air I am an ever-so-serious Astrologer along with my sister, Mary Beth – the Mystic One, the best psychic on the planet. We have an office in Lutz, where I don't make fun of you like we do on the air sometimes, and counsel clients both in person as well as over the phone. When I' m not meddling in other people's lives, I'm pretty competitive and enjoy both coaching and playing softball and cheering on a variety of sports including our Rays and Lightning.

To learn more about the StarGoddess, visit her online at www.star-goddess.com!

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