Janet Sciales "The StarGoddess" has advice for Virgos!


Libra runs from September 22nd - October 22nd and is a Cardinal, meaning I want to lead the parade, Air sign running everything through how they think.

Ruled by Venus, it produces some of the most beautiful men (Armand Assante, Christopher Reeve and Roger Moore) and women (Catherine Deneuve, Cheryl Tiegs, Gywneth Paltrow) in the zodiac. They usually have dimples, (Will Smith and Karen Allen), set in a wide, square-shaped face and are blessed with perfect, white teeth. They have the most expensive taste (Ralph Lauren) and are usually well-dressed down to engraved cufflinks for the men and designer clothes (Donna Karan) for the women, draped beautifully on their well-toned bodies.

They are the peacemakers of the zodiac (Jimmy Carter and John Lennon come to mind) and you can usually find them smiling big trying to defuse hostile situations (Jesse Jackson) with a face-saving compromise because Libra's like everyone to make nice. These are polite, well mannered folks and can insult you without you even realizing you've been insulted. They are charming and engaging and have an ability to make you think you are the only person in the room when they are talking to you.

This is a year for Libra to reach a long standing hope, wish, goal or objective through the help of a group rather than going it alone and it may require an exquisite sense of timing to pull it off completely. They have had it with having to make do with less, and, fortunately, that austerity period comes to an end in December. The structure of their life will change over the next three years into something they can manage. If they have set an educational goal for themselves - to get some kind of additional certification or degree - this is the year they can put that into motion.

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