Local blues/jazz ensemble hopes to raise money for Fijians


Bay area songstress performs new music from her blues/jazz ensemble!

You can help support Wai Ni Bula's mission of providing clean water to Fijians in need

Heather Leigh boogies with new tune!

About Déjà Blue
Déjà Blue formed late in 2011. Pianist Bob Aude and bass player Levi Rice had been playing together for years. Heather Leigh was performing original music in the country/blues/gospel world since 2009. One day, Bob and Levi asked her to come rehearse with them, "just to see how it goes". Heather wasn't all-together sure she would like to sing old jazz tunes, but she did like listening to them. One rehearsal and they were all hooked! "It just felt like home to my voice", Heather recalls.

They began rehearsing weekly and building their repertoire. You may have seen Déjà Blue at Skipper's Smokehouse or Bascom's Chophouse on the rare occasion when their shows are public. The vast majority of their shows are private events like weddings, anniversary parties, Christmas parties, and corporate gigs. You'll definitely want to take advantage of this opportunity to see Déjà Blue in an open public venue!

To learn more about Déjà Blue, visit www.heatherleighsound.com.

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