Music critic Jeffrey Lee Puckett compiles the perfect July 4 soundtrack


Jeffrey Lee Puckett, a veteran music critic and cohost of the Vintage Vinyl video series for USA WEEKEND, offers 10 tunes to play while watching July 4 fireworks:

1. Detroit Rock City, Kiss. The only thing that could make this song's intro more exciting is fireworks; an ideal show-starter.

2. Great Balls of Fire, Jerry Lee Lewis. A shade too obvious, perhaps, but there's nothing subtle about fireworks.

3. Wipeout, the Surfaris. Drums + explosions = joy.

4. Fire, Jimi Hendrix Experience. Exciting, a little psychedelic, explosive and worth a few extra-large mortar shells.

5. Fireworks, Katy Perry. You have to have something for the tweens-and-under set, and this song's chorus is made for big booms.

6. Superman theme, John Williams. An Independence Day classic, stirring and inspirational, by the king of fireworks music.

7. Push It, Salt-n-Pepa. Everyone loves Salt-n-Pepa, and fireworks go well with dancing.

8. Ride of the Valkyries, Richard Wagner. This is almost as exciting as Detroit Rock City – almost.

9. Star Wars theme, John Williams. An intergalactic treat for kids of all ages.

10. Born in the USA, Bruce Springsteen. As long as no one pays too much attention to the lyrics, this can be a rousing finish.

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