We all know change can sometimes be a good thing.

Our Wednesday's Child, Tavayla, is looking for a sassy new hair cut that she can flaunt this summer.

We are at Supercuts in St. Petersburg and Leroy says he will take good care his new client. Tavayla wanted a mohawk, but Leroy convinces her to got with something that doesn't require such a severe haircut.

She admits to being happy about her look relieved that she didn't actually get what she asked for.

This young lady wants to be a fashion designer and she already has a list of stars she would like to have as clients.

To find out more about Tavayla and how to make her a part of your family call Connie Going at 866-271-4705.

Click on the video link to see her final look and hear what kinds of outfits she would like to design for one special star.

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