Tampa, Florida -- These days, the spirits of many a high-flier are grounded by baggage fees.

"I'm shocked by them," says Jean Bailey, traveling from Tampa to Maryland.

Too many bags or too heavy and it's your wallet that gets lighter.

"It's definitely a constant worry when you pack," says Billy Rogan, a musician hoping to get his guitar on board. "You have to worry about what you want to bring."

So is there a way around this big, bag drag?

John Power thinks so. Power flies for business about once a week and the hassles and fees he encountered prompted this structural engineer from Ireland to construct some wearable luggage.

"I seen so many people getting upset, too much pounds, too heavy, couldn't afford to pay it," says Power during an interview at Tampa International. "And hence, Jaktogo came to life."

In one form, Jaktogo is a tote-bag, but with a few quick rips of Velcro, it transforms into a jacket.

It's a jacket with not much style, "not a fashion plate", Powersays while putting the jacket on. However, it's a jacket with plenty of pockets--14 of them.

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"My underwear, trousers, shirts," says Power opening up a few of the pockets.

So the Jaktogo stuffed with clothes does look silly, but Power recommends you wear it only a few minutes, when you're boarding the plane. At other times, especially when you're going through security, it should be in bag form and of course any prohibited item can't be packed inside.

So what do travelers think of this invention? Could this product take off?

"Wow, I've never seen that before," said Rogan while Powertransformed Jaktogo.

And Bailey liked it so much, that she's considering spending some jack on Jaktogo.

"Oh my God, my husband would love that," she exclaimed after seeing it in action.

A YouTube video shows Power donning it for a skeptical ticket agent and then boarding the plane. So Jaktogo may be a way to buck the system and save a buck.

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