TAMPA, Florida -- Danilo Acosta's list of injuries is a long one. The Vietnam vet blames Agent Orange for a rare skin condition, requiring skin grafts and plastic surgery every couple of years. He's also had two heart attacks, a stroke, and has failing kidneys.

"Sometimes I just get depressed and I'll stay back in there in my bedroom and I won't get out of bed for about a week," Acosta said.

His injuries haven't allowedhim to make the most basic repairs to his home. That changed on Wednesday, though, as volunteers from Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay and Home Depot gave his Progress Village home a major makeover.

In addition to things like a fresh paint job and power washing, they're repairing the entire plumbing system. The bad drainage has made it nearly impossible to take a shower, which is a real problem for Acosta and his wife, who have custody of their three grandchildren.

"This is a blessing," Felicia Acosta said, "when we give the kids a shower we would have to put all three of them together just to get the job done."

The fix up will allow the couple to host their family over the holidays for the first time.

"I want to thank God for all of this," Danilo said.

The Acosta home is one of more than 100 Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay will work on this year.

The organization helps low-income families.

To apply for assistance, their website is www.rttb.org.

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