ST. PETERSBURG, Fl. - They are the world's first and only electronically-focusing prescription eyewear and they are available right here in Tampa Bay. These eyeglasses are making the world clearer with one touch.

They seem like your average pair of glasses - but you're looking at the future of eyewear. Among the hundreds of different technologies in the marketplace, emPower! are the first and only electronic eyeglasses.

"This technology is changing our industry forever," says Lisa Bennett with Lifetime Vision Care, one of the first practices to introduce the glasses.

Bennett fits people for them - and says she knows her patients frustrations because she has vision problems of her own.

"If I take my glasses off, I can't see. I can't see my fingers very well, my food, my books, my computer, anything up close from my arm and closer, is a blur," she says, adding life is much more clear with emPower!.

Liquid crystals in the lenses give the ability to turn the "close up" bifocal portion of the lenses on or off - giving millions of people the ability to adjust focus and see up close.

"If you're up and walking around, you don't have to see all that blurriness that's on the ground," says Bennett.

With the emPower! eyewear, all it takes is a one second touch to activate the liquid crystals. That way, when you look down, you can read up close. Now if you want it to be automatic, all it takes is a simple swipe, then you can see clear at any distance.

It's breakthrough technology that's allowing people to live a better and safer lifestyle - one tap at a time.

"I can just put them on, leave them on and just be able to live and function," says Bennett.

EmPower! eyewear runs $1250, which includes frames, lenses and a charging unit.

Right now insurance does not cover it. You can get more information on possible discounts when you check out the glasses yourself. Call Lifetime Vision Eye at 727-345-4035 or visit them online at http://lifetimevisioncare.net/

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