Land O'Lakes, Florida - Everywhere she goes, Kathy Longo carries a suitcase filled with heartache.

"This I call Jennifer's Bible," she remarks, pulling out a notebook.

The suitcase is jam-packed with hand-written notes, files and newspapers clippings all related to the 1982 disappearance of her daughter Jennifer Marteliz. The 7-year-old vanished from a Tampa street as she walked home from school.

"I'll never let go, I'm not going to let go," says Longo.

For nearly three decades, Longo has kept Jennifer's teddy bear. "He stays with me in the car all the time," she says holding the brown bear.

She's also kept the hope that her daughter is still alive. Anaged progressed photo shows what Jennifer may look like now and for Longo, the image is haunting.

"It's very sad that I've missed all these years without her, but she's a beautiful woman and I'm hoping I have grandchildren," says Longo, her voice breaking with emotion.

Longo's scrapbooks are filled with stories about the search for Jennifer, but Longo felt there was one more story to be told-the one about her journey through a mother's hell and her theories about what happened to Jennifer.

It took Longo three years to write the self-published book and she hopes it reignites interest in Jennifer's case.

"I want Jennifer's name back out there. I want someone to see this story and to please call me and just give me any information," says Longo.

Tampa police consider Jennifer's disappearance a cold case, but if the book does indeed generate some new leads, a detective will check them out.

It has now been 29 years, but Longo's prayers remain the same. She says, "When I go to bed at night I always say my prayers and I pray that I find her and I dream of her coming home."

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