PALM HARBOR, Fla.-- Kevin Lindsay says he does not want to live a life full of hatred, but what he does have is passion. He has "an energy," he claims, to make things happen.

"As long as I'm working on this, I feelbetter," Kevin told us.

When Kevin refers to "this," he's talking about justice for his son, Brandon Baker, who waskilled three weeks ago.

Brandon was shot to death after what the family calls acase of road rage, wherethe 30-year-oldwas followed all the way home by a man who was, they claim, tailgating him.

"He's laying there on that cold wet slab. I didn't really want to go see my son in awful shape, dead, obviously dead. You feel like you need to comfort them," said Kevin, his eyes welling with tears.

Kevin has said all along that he's wanted to set the record straight aboutBrandon. The grieving father also says he wants justice and does not want his son to die in vain. "From what we know, from where the man shot him, through the lung, the bullet did not come out the other side, penetrated his lung and his heart, and he couldn't breathe because blood was filling up in his lungs,"he said.

Kevinmaintains thatBrandon's twin brother, Chris,told him that the two young men were driving separate cars, coming home from a party, when a 23-year-old security guard who onceserved in Afghanistan tailgated them.

The twin brothers stopped and confronted Seth Browning. When they did, they say he pepper sprayed them and shot Brandon.

With tears rolling down his cheeks, Kevin reflected on his son.

"He didn't need to die. I know that no matter what happens to the man that shot him, it won't bring Brandon back and I'm not gonna live my life with hatred," he said.

Meanwhile, no criminal charges have been filed against Seth Browning.Pinellas Sheriff Bob Gualtieri told 10 News, "I've received 200 emails about this case in the last few days. We want to be thorough and right. It is a tough case."

The sheriff also noted that he did not want people to "jump to conclusions based on emotions." "We are looking at this case. It is a tough case. We are also waiting on lab results. This is actively being worked," said the sheriff.

Brandon's father started his own online petition on the website Change.org.The petition is called "Justice for Brandon Baker."

Kevin's petition is calling for the arrest of Seth Browning. More than 2,000 people have signed it.

The State Attorney's Office is currently reviewing the case. Kevin said, "They interview [Seth Browning], this man who killed my son, the man with the smoking gun. They interview him and decide he was standing his ground, taking his word for it off the bat."

Seth Browning claims that Brandon and his twin brother attacked him in the front seat of his car and that he had no choice but to stand his ground, pepper spray them and ultimately pull a gun.

So far, Seth Browning remains free.

Chris Baker and his sister are set to testify at the State Attorney's Office at 9:30 Thursday morning.

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