LUTZ, Florida -- Nanny Toler has been operating Nanny's Educational Zoo since 2007. She is a retired teacher and grew up on aLandO' Lakes farm.

Nanny, with the help from her family and volunteers, has taken in and rescued animals from all walks of life - deer, hawks, owls, reptiles - any type of farm animal or critter you can think of except fordogs or cats.

Nanny rehabilitates the injured and cares for the unwanted until they can be released or adopted and, if not, they can stay with her.

The zoo is funded by donations and her family, so all donations are welcome. It takes around $600 a week just to feed and care for the animals.

Anyone can come by and visit.Nanny prefers people call and set up an appointment.She also charges for birthday parties and weddings on Saturdays.

Nancy isn't accepting donations online yet, butyou can mail donations to: 1139 Livingston Road Lutz, FL 33549.

Call 813-802-8817 for more information.

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