Sullivan's Island, SC (WLTX) - A woman and her friends think they found something unusually holynearthe Holy City -- an image of Jesus on a stingray.

Erica Sheldt, 24, told the Charleston Post and Courier thatshe was swimming at Sullivan's Islandwhile babysittinglast Friday when a group of men warned her about stingrays in the area.

She then gotout of the water. Some of the men then pointed out to herthat a dead stingray had washed ashore.

At first, she and her friends didn't think much of the discovery, but then they saw an odd pattern on its back thatresembled the face of abearded man. They snapped a few photos, and eventually uploaded them to the web.

And that's when the debate about what they really found began.

One of Sheldt's friends called her and told that the picture -- to her at least -- looked like Jesus.

"And I said 'Oh my God! You're right!'" she told the Post and Courier.

Sheldt says she and her family are currently trying to come up with a name for her discovery. One idea: Ray Rey, the "Rey" part coming from the Spanish word for "king."

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