St. Petersburg, Florida --First Dakota Fanning, then Selena Gomez, and now Megan Fox...

It's not the Cosmopolitan cover girls themselves that are making headlines, but the sexually suggestive text next to them that's creating controversy.

Some are calling for Cosmo to be sold in a blacked out cover only to adults.

The former fashion model behindProject Inspired, a website with a Hollywood voice talking about women's issues, has started a new project Anti-Cosmo.

Nicole Weider says she's received comments and emails from girls as young as 11 saying they've tried the sexual tips given in the best-selling women's magazine.

She's created a petition calling for the FTC to investigate whether the magazine should be sold on newsstands or at grocery stores in a wrapper to adults only.

Some sex experts argue younger girls may read the magazine to find out about issues they're embarrassed to ask about and don't necessarily act on what they read.

You can learn more about the petition by clicking here.

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