Tampa, Florida-- Some residents in a South Tampa neighborhood are frustrated about a smell that's beenmaking its waythrough their neighborhood for about 10years.

They say a "rotten egg" stench is coming from the sewers and has been creating problems in the community along Fair Oaks Avenue and Manhattan.

"It's as if someone is blowing sewer gas in your direction. It goes in your house. It goes outside. It's in your backyard. You can't open your windows," said Aime Crassas.

Over on the other side of Fair Oaks, Brian Tullis is also frustrated with the smelly situation.

"Sometimes at night you can come outside and it's like unbearable. It's getting ridiculous," said Tullis.

According to utility officials with the City of Tampa, the area does have a history of problems. And most likely, it's hydrogen sulfide. Officials said in the neighborhood, there are two pipe lines that create pressure, which agitates the water and makes more gas.

Also about 10 years ago, the city changed its method and switched to chemical treatments for the odor. Since then, there have been on-going efforts to deal with the smell.

But it's enough to make some people think twice about where they walk and even going out at all.

Crassas thinks the whole situation is simply unacceptable. She wants the stench gone for good.

"We want to be able to come outside. I don't think that's asking too much as a taxpayer," she said.

Utility officials say they're looking at treating the odor with different chemicals and also pumping out the air in the sewer. They call it a delicate balance. No word on when they'll try those things.

Officials do encourage residents to contact them immediately if there are any complaints about smells.

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